CPR Training


This course covers a range of topics to do with cardiac and respiratory emergencies, teaching you how to use an AED, when it should be used and who should use it. This course focuses heavily on practical skills and student participation. This video-based, instructor-led course that teaches adult CPR and AED use, as well as how to relieve choking on an adult. This course teaches skills with the American Heart Associations research-proven Practice-While-Watching (PWW) technique, which allows instructors to observe the students, provide feedback and guide the students’ learning of skills. By the end of the course the students will have completed numerous cycles of CPR while using a defibrillator, this is all designed to make the student more comfortable and confident, if ever asked to carry out the skills for real.
The aim of the course is to equip the student with the relevant knowledge and skills to deliver a range of life saving techniques in an emergency situation.
  1. To understand the principles of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).
  2. To deliver a two-minute cycle of CPR.
  3. To safely and effectively use a defibrillator.
  4. To assist with someone who is choking.

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